High School

All provinces in Canada have 6 years of high school except Quebec, where there is 5.  No matter which province you graduated high school from, the total number of years you invest in high school plus university is always 10 even though you may attend high school and university in different provinces.

Usually private high schools have entrance tests and public high schools evaluate admissibility based on transcripts. 



You can choose either community college or university for post-secondary education depending on aspirations and academics.  However, please note that Canadian universities have around 88% of its admission quota allocated to Canadian high school graduates.  Therefore, some students may consider attending Canadian high schools as a stepping stone to open 2 doors for universities in Hong Kong and in Canada.


4 channels for Hong Kong high school students to get a Canadian Bachelor Degree:



Admission Requirement


Direct Entry @ University

-F.6, average level 4 DSE, IELTS 6

-Apply before January every year

Acquire degree in 4 years

International Year 1 (IY1) @ University

F.6, DSE pass to 2222-3333,

IELTS 5.0 or DSE English 3

Acquire degree in 4 years

Community College (CC)

F.6, all pass DSE

Transfer to 3rd & 4th year of HK / Canadian university after 2 years of community college

Foundation @ University

F.5, pass to 4 academic subjects pass + 10%

Acquire degree in 5 years





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